Listen to a sample of various songs.

North Carolina -, I organized a group of fine musicians including trumpeter Chick Shelton, saxaphonists  Dave Bragg and Jim Calabrese. Jim was "first call" for bands traveling through the state.  Drummer and vocalist Jerry Funnicello was also a part of the group.  International recording artist trumpeter Tom Browne played with the

group when in town. I recorded two CDs with Jim Calabrese and one as a sideman with vocalist Tina Lovings.   

No, I'm not now or have I ever been "famous" and never plan to be. I'm just blessed to have played with many fine musicians and successful in organizing some really good groups. I have played all types of music jobs from house parties to night clubs, intimate parties, large formal dances and four annual Europe jazz tours with European clarinetist Peter Buhr.

My Musical Adventure started in New York and continued through North Carolina to Florida. During my trip I performed as a single, with my band and others playing at restaurants, yacht clubs, country clubs etc.

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Florida - Upon arriving in Sarasota I assembled a trio with drummer Richie Calitro and saxophonist Ray Vitale. I recorded two CD's with the trio featuring Ray Vitale, one early on and one twelve years later. While playing band jobs and as a single at country clubs, yacht clubs and restaurants from Tampa to Naples, the opportunity was extended to play four annual jazz tours in Europe with Peter Buhr.  Peters tour group recorded a CD for each tour.  One of the concerts was recorded live by a German recording company and is available in Germany.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​New York - Starting out at fifteen I organized a band playing local school dances and social club parties. At sixteen we joined a USO troupe stationed at Fort Wadsworth which broadened our experience performing in Jersey and New York. We were  fortunate to have talented musicians in the group such as Tony Sotos who went on to play and record with name bands. Later I joined the Don Roberts group playing in Manhattan, New Jersey and Staten Island. Here again wonderful musicians like saxophonist Frank Pisano and drummer Arnie Kinsella who went on to play seventeen years with Garrison Keller on Prarie Home Companion, did Broadway shows and  recorded many CDs.