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I decided to create custom tracks when play as a single to obtain the "feel" of  playing as part of a band. That's why I don't sound like the record but sound like I'm playing along with the guys who made my group successful playing Yacht Clubs, Country Clubs and Restaurants in Sarasota, Venice, Naples, Tampa and beyond.

I play songs that are familiar and enjoyable to listen and dance to, songs where the melody stays with you, songs where the words have feeling. Songs which may have a special meaning or bring back memories. But it’s more than the songs, it's your event. The music is customized for you because playing at a dance is different than playing at a restaurant or a party.

My performance consists of music and vocals accompanied by my "Virtual Quartet" of  bass, drums, guitar, and saxophone custom tracks.   By not sounding like the record they provide a full sounding interpretation of the music that is non-intrusive and customized for your event.


Unlike a DJ, I don't download  tracks from the internet and watch them play in an attempt to sound "just like the record."​  My solo entertainment is a live performance singing and playing along with my personally created backup tracks which sound like my band.  Instead of watching records play, I play music and interact with the audience. While my performance is more affordable than a band, it sounds like the real thing. 

I'm often asked "What kind of music do you play?"   While I play a variety of music appropriate for all age groups, after our discussion as to your desires, I will let you know if my music is not applicable to your event. (Call me and if that's the case, let's still be friends).