My themed performance  “The Fred Astaire Songbook” is a mix of information and entertainment. Although Fred was known as one of the words greatest dancers, this presentation explores an overlooked side of his performances . . .

his singing. The movies were the best way to introduce a new song and he picked the best of the best. These are songs your residents know and love.​

As a solo performer I play and sing with backing tracks, I provide customized play lists to match the needs of your residents. Songs hat bring back memories, Songs having a special meaning to someone. I play both old and new songs your residents will recognize and enjoy.​



I modified the script, (The master of ceremonies) recorded the sheet music (The musician)  sing  the lyrics (the vocalist) and control the music tracks (the sound engineer) and with the help of my Ipad made it able to present the information, play and sing with the tracks and exclude only the six dancers. 

While the original production  had a cast of ten - six dancers, a master of ceremonies, a live musician, a vocalist and a sound engineer.  I have created a one man presentation that  brings smiles to your residents.  While I can't dance, I have filled the other  roles by using technology.


How long has it been since your residents enjoyed live music?  The virus has affected everyone and I'm sure your residents miss live entertainment as much as I miss playing. If you are looking for a solution  I have proposals designed to bring some sunlight into these uneventful days.

  For information or to arrange for a musical performance Email or call                                                            336 978 4876 :