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​During my performance as a single, I constantly strive to have my music create an atmosphere which enhancses your customers dining experience.


I Control the music volume high enough for patrons to hear but low enough to carry on a conversation which creates a personal, private space around guests, allowing them to chat and relax without feeling the intrusive presence of others

Appropriate live music playing in the background creates an atmosphere where guests can experience an enjoyable meal alone or with friends.

Appealing to people’s sense of taste is obviously your main business and my live music is the perfect add-on to draw more people to your restaurant.  Whether a fine dining restaurant or a cozy café, music plays a fundamental part in the retail mix. When music compliments the restaurants theme, patrons feel more comfortable and perceive it as a higher quality venue and therefore are willing to spend more.

​​Patrons see the musician(s) as representing your restaurant, their manner is always on display.  I perform in a professional manner both on and off "the stage".

In today's economy cost is always a major factor. Using a single live musician playing and singing with personally designed tracks is the solution of supplying music at an affordable cost.​

My playlist takes into consideration research which shows restaurants playing classics or jazz music are perceived as "classy". By playing recognizable songs done by current and legacy jazz and standards artists, the overall sound of my music and vocals is pleasant and customer friendly.